In Dalmatia food is essential for happy life. Our grandmothers had passed on traditional recepies for generations. It’s not uncomon that one dish is praparated differently from one house to another. In our family we have great cooks and have decided to bring our guests closer to discovering taste of old Dalmatian healthy food.

As all of our apartments have a kitchen and dining space we can offer to bring food to you or you can dine in our ”komin” situated in house Pržina.

Breakfast: 10 Eur/Adult 5 Eur/Child (optional)
Breakfast includes: Fresh bread (Full grain, Baguette, White), homemade jams, cow and sheep’s cheese, smoked ham, egg, locally-produced fruits and vegetables, fresh milk, helbal tea made of herbs we grow in our garden, lemon juice, coffee.

Lunch or Dinner: 15-20 Eur/Adult
Depending on what kind of fish we catch in the morning :)
If you prefere meat we can prepare for you traditional Peka (meat and vegetables made in a pot or a tray, the pot is put into the embers of a fireplace).