Updated on Feb 8th 2020.
It’s understandable that you are confused with making plans on how to arrive to our lovely island – that is why we have categorized the info in two units: 1. FROM SPLIT TO KORČULA & 2. FROM DUBROVNIK TO KORČULA and put all the possibilities for travel (catamaran /ferry /bus /shuttle) and on foot/by car option.

We linked you below all the official websites where you can check the timetable and book your tickets online (we strongly recommend that you do book your ticket at least a week before).

Catamaran = pedestrian only fast boat
Ferry = car shipping boat


Car ferry options to get to island of Korčula (pedestrians can use as well):

1. Direct line Split-Vela Luka: 604 Split -Vela Luka (Korčula) – Ubli (Lastovo)
2. Drive to Ploče from Split and then catch ferry: 633 Ploče – Trpanj (Pelješac), drive to Orebić and take another ferry 634 Orebić – Dominče (Korčula) (Last one, Orebić-Dominče you will take if you come from direction of Dubrovnik)

Passenger only catamaran (speed ferry) from Split to Korčula: 
9604 Split – Hvar – Vela Luka (Korčula) – Ubli (Lastovo) ALL YEAR
98115 Dubrovnik-Korčula-Hvar-Bol-Split (29.05 – 28.09 )
Split – Hvar (Hvar) – Korčula (Old Town) (29.05. – 27.09.2020.)
Split – Brač (Milna) – Hvar – Korčula – Mljet (Pomena) – Dubrovnik (06.04. – 31.08.2020.)
Split – Brač (Bol) – Makarska – Korčula – Sobra(Mljet) – Dubrovnik (25.05. – 03.10.2020.)
Split – Hvar (Hvar) – Prigradica – Korčula (Old Town) ALL YEAR

Book online Jadrolinija company 
LINK ( main ferry company)
Book online Catamaran Krilo company LINK (offers catamaran lines)

How to navigate on Jadrolinija site
Once on Jadrolinja page enter departure port Split
 and in Port of arrival you will see what the available ports. To get directly to island you have 2 options: Vela Luka and Korčula city.

-If you enter Korčula city you will results for pedestrian only catamaran.

Jadrolinija Split-Korčula

*departure time can vary depends on the season, please check the Jadrolinija website once you know the travel dates.

-If you enter Vela Luka port (town on the west end of Korčula island) you will get results for car Ferry and pedestrian Catamaran lines:

Jadrolinija St-Vela Luka

By bus
A night bus from Zagreb (stops in Split) to Korčula, Arriva company:
Arriva bus timetable and tickets – link
Bus dep. 1:00am from Split – ar. 6:45am to Korčula


By catamaran*
Kapetan Luka (the same catamaran as you can take from Split to Korčula continues to Dubrovnik and returns in afternoon)

Split – Brač (Milna) – Hvar – Korčula – Mljet (Pomena) – Dubrovnik (06.04. – 31.08.2020.)
Split – Brač (Bol) – Makarska – Korčula – Sobra(Mljet) – Dubrovnik (25.05. – 03.10.2020.)
Timetable and tickets:
Kapetan luka timetable – link

Jadrolinija (09.06.2017. – 18.09.2017.)
Dubrovnik district:
98115 Dubrovnik-Korčula-Hvar-Bol-Split (29.05 – 28.09)
Jadrolinija timetable – link 

By bus*
There are regular busses that run from Dubrovnik main bus station to Korčula (you can check the Timetable at official Arriva site if you enter from Dubrovnik to Korčula):
Arriva bus timetable and tickets – link

By Shuttle bus or Private transfer*
Korkyra info agency provides very good pickup service from Dubrovnik airport or city to your summer home on Korčula island. Highly recommended and not too expensive (around 30€ per person):
More info: Korkyra info agency

*please do make a double check before continuing to plan your trip – some timetables depend on season and specific dates – all links are provided and updated! Last update made 8.2.2020.

Catamaran is closed ship where you have a seat – some have possibility to go outside. There is a bathroom and a mini bar inside where you can drink coffee but no smoking room. Tickets can be bought prior.

Ferry is big boat for transport of cars and there is a lot of space on it to be outside and take some stunning pictures. You have cozy passenger area. There is also a bar and bathroom, some have even restaurant. If you are on foot, there is no need to purchase the ticket prior but in the port before embarking. If you have a car you can buy the ticket prior online but it does not guaranty you the place – reservation is not possible and you have to come before and stay in que to get in!

Great! Now you have managed to come to the island, found your accommodation and unpacked…Now what?!
If you are with a car, you don’t have to worry (if you book an accommodation in the old city of Korčula, make sure that the parking space is provided!).
With a car you can drive from Lumbarda to Vela Luka in an hour, check all the little beaches and villages on your way.
On foot you can travel by public transportation from Korčula-Pupnat-Blato-Vela Luka but its hard to reach little villages that are on the coast since the bus runs trough middle of island. If your accommodation is in Korčula or Lumbarda and you wont explore other parts of island, you dont need a car, its very walkable.
Busses Korčula-Lumbarda are running on hourly basis and bus connecting Korčula city- Vela Luka runs few times a day. Arriva bus timetable and tickets – link
Please do take in consideration that the last bus from Korčula to Lumbarda leaves at 6:45 pm and after that you can take a taxi.
Taxi price for Korčula – Lumbarda is 100kn (cca 13,5€) one way. Price for a taxi Korčula – Vela Luka is cca 450kn (cca 60€) one way.

In Korčula or Lumbarda you can rent a car or scooter to explore more of the island (cars from 50€ per day and scooters from 25€ per day)
Rent a boat is also a good option that you can use to explore little islands of Korčula archipelago (cca 60€ per day), no need for licence.
If you want to spend just 1-2 nights on island and are on foot I would recommend that you choose accommodation in Korčula city.
If you are staying for longer time and like more relaxed vacation: beaches, hiking and nice restaurants choose Lumbarda.

Except beautiful nature, in Lumbarda you will find:
Restaurants (Fish, Meat, Traditional Dalmatian food, Pizza, Fast food)
All of them are rated on tripadvisor
I would recommend Torkul for great pizza from wooden oven – pizza Torkul and Lumbarda are our favorites!
Gavuni is a small family run restaurant in nice Račišće bay and offers fish and meat menu – Squid with white sauce is a must try!
Beach Pržina has fast food and cafe, Beach Bilin žal has a restaurant with simple fresh fish on grill
Beach Prvi Žal has a cocktail bar and is very cozy, twice a week there is a live unplugged band playing

Family owned wineries and taverns where you can taste the famous Grk wine and arrange a dinner – Popić, Cebalo, Bire, Zure and Cipre are families that have their own wine production.
On Friday night we have fisherman’s evenings in the center of Lumbarda. Lots of Food&Wine cooked by our local people to present our traditional table for you. Highly recommended!
On Wednesday nights Folk dance performances take place in Lumbarda’s center.

If you do have any more questions or need help with organizing your trip or stay in Lumbarda, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail.
You can also contact us by phone or Whatsapp.
Express your wishes and we will try to arrange customized offer for you and your loved ones!

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